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Document Scanning

IDI is recognized as a leading provider of document conversion services. We have designed a streamlined process to accurately scan and index your paper documents.  We make the investment in the technology and the people so that you don’t have to. Our services can save you 75% of the time and over 50% of the cost of scanning in-house.  We are experts in: backfile conversions, day-forward scanning, on-site scanning, document storage and retrievals, and secure document destruction.

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Business Forms & Printing

TRUST your printed business forms and marketing materials to professionals with over 35 years of experience in the industry.  Your company’s printed materials are the face of your business. Our products and services will ensure your communications convey the professionalism that will resonate with your customers.  We provide traditional business forms including system compatible checks, purchase orders, invoices, prescription pads, envelopes, and labels among others.  Our marketing materials include: business cards, letterhead, brochures, post cards, presentation folders, door hangers, etc.  We offer marketing campaign consulting, creative design, graphic design, as well as print-to-mail services. Additionally, our branded promotional products ensure a consistent and vibrant message across all of your advertising items.

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Software & Services

IDI has been in the consultation business since its beginning.  Cost reduction, industry regulations and compliance, customer privacy, and process improvement are just a few things that our customers wrestle with on a daily basis. Our objective is to be your partner in addressing these pain points and alleviating the stress they cause for your business. Our solutions include Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, both on-premise and cloud based, enterprise workflow software, electronic forms solutions, as well as consulting and professional services.

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Document Scanning | Business Forms | Software & Services

Scanning As a Service vs. In-House Document Scanning

Scanning As A Service In-House Scanning
Start Up Costs No capital investment required for scanning equipment and software. Investment in document scanners, image capture and indexing software and training.
Employees No need to hire, train, or monitor new employees. Investment in hiring and training employees
Office Space No need to dedicate office space to scanning operations. Scanning should save space not cost space. Space required for prepping station, scanning station, and indexing station.
Security Strict controls in place to keep your records secure and regulations met. Investment in developing strict policies to ensure pages aren’t lost and are secure during scanning process.

Diverse Business TeamWe have built an extremely efficient method of converting paper to digital by making the investment in the people and the technology that drives cost out of the document conversion process – so you don’t have to make that investment.

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Our Clients

“From the onset, I would say what is most unique about working with IDI is that they have expressed a level of customer service that was almost non-existent with other vendors. Their attention to detail leaves me feeling good about doing business with a company that cares about their role in our progress, and I believe that they truly understand our goals.”

Douglas W. - Antioch University

“Given the highly sensitive nature of our business, we felt very confident with allowing IDI to provide services for our organization.”

David A. - US Government

“IDI has allowed us to concentrate on our core business, without having to worry about the work we have outsourced to them. We can definitely say that we’d highly recommend IDI to anyone. This has been an excellent business partnership in an area we had not previously pursued.”

Deb D. - Human Systems Development

“IDI’s flexibility allowed us to manage our cost throughout the year on our scanning project.”

Lisa G. - Schneider Electric

“Being faced with the task of protecting our historical assets was daunting. IDI’s references, can-do attitude, and execution were flawless. Should anyone need help considering the challenges of their mounting data or archival storage and retrieval, I couldn’t recommend them more highly. Our company mission includes being stewards of automotive history, with the value we place on our documents, partnering with IDI for its protection was a decision we’ll never have to second guess.”

Dan B. - Automobile Quarterly

“I would recommend IDI to anyone. They work hard, do what they say they will, and beat expectations of what you think you paid for, AND they are great people who love what they do.”

Jack T. - Active Electric



Our Company



To be a TRUSTED resource for our clients by providing the best products and services available.

To achieve this on a level that is much deeper than a traditional vendor-customer relationship.

To build TRUSTED partnerships.





At Impact Data Imaging, we understand the importance of your critical business information.

Our job is not just about documents and data, it’s about YOUR documents and data.

We promise to treat each piece of your information as if it’s our own

and to deliver a solution in a manner that makes your life easier.

We will be a partner you can put your TRUST in.


Trusted Partners | Industry Experts


What type of software and equipment is used to scan my files?

IDI has had tremendous success in using Kodak equipment for scanning our customer's files.  Kodak's scanning devices are largely considered to be the best in the business.  In addition, we use Kodak capture software, as well as Digitech's PaperVision Capture.

How are my scanned files delivered to me?

The answer to this is simple:  however you choose.  IDI can deliver customer data via encrypted media, including external hard drives or flash drive.  We can send files via secure email.  We can upload files to a customer’s server.  Customers can also access their files on our secure server.

Does IDI offer records storage and are your facilities secure?

We recognize our customers need to keep their business information secure and private.  We believe in a policy that permits you to determine how we handle your information.  IDI has all of the security measures in place to comply with multiple industry regulations, including HIPAA.  What’s more, every one of our employees has had a background check.

What types of documents can IDI scan and convert to digital files?

We can scan almost any type of document that exists.  From 35mm film to large format engineering drawings to blueprints and traditional 8 ½ x 11 paper files, we’ve got it covered.  And if it’s not something we can do in-house, we have a vast network of business partners that can do it for us.

How can I request a quote from IDI?

Simply click on "Contact" on our menu bar, call us at 937-938-9081 or email us at

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization's unstructured information, wherever that information exists.

What is backfile conversion?

When a document management system is initially implemented, there is usually a lot of existing documents and information. The scanning of these old documents or converting of data from one format to a format accepted by the new document management system so they can be stored and retrieved electronically is called backfile conversion.

What is OCR conversion?

OCR, Optical Character Recognition, is a technology in which typed or printed documents can be scanned as an electronic image. The characters can be recognized from the image and translated into a text format such as ASCII. This can be done with documents that you may only have the printed or paper copy but do not have an electronic copy. The U.S. Postal Service uses OCR technology to process a large portion of its mail.

What differentiates IDI from other solution providers?

Everything we do is based on becoming your partner, not just your vendor.   We go a little deeper, a little wider so that we feel your pain... then we help you remove it.


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